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SICTEC works with many public and private institutions throughout the world to custom-design and deliver executive training programs for Chinese central, provincial and municipal government agencies. It invites senior executives and professors from both public and private sector to give seminars and briefings to the visiting delegations on a variety of management topics in public administration. It also arranges for delegations to visit public institutions relevant to their mission purposes to learn about management policies and practices in the public sector of the west.

The public administration programs executed by SICTEC combine theory with practical case studies, seminars and site visits so that the participants will have a good understanding of the management practice in the western public sector in a short study period.

SICTEC is an accredited training service provider by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) of China.

A selected list of SICTEC Clients:
State Council of China
Chinese Ministry of Water Resources
Chinese Ministry of Land and Natural Resources
Chinese Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Chinese Ministry of Agriculture
Chinese Ministry of Finance
Chinese Ministry of Information Industry
Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology
Chinese Ministry of Education
Chinese Ministry of Public Health
Chinese Ministry of Transportation
Chinese Ministry of Construction
State Commission for Development and Planning
State Commission for Economic Development and Trade
State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
State Information Centre
State Bureau of Forestry
State Grain Bureau
State Office for Restructuring Economic System
China Meteorological Administration
China Central Government Procurement Centre
Chinese Academy of Sciences
General Chamber of Commerce of China
China Association of Science and Technology
China Education Association for International Exchange
China Association of International Exchange of Personnel
China Centre for Youth International Exchange
China Aerospace Science and Technology (Group) Corporation
China Aerospace Science and Industry (Group) Corporation
China Aviation Industrial (2nd Group) Corporation
China Grain and Oil (Group) Corporation
China Federation of Electricity Power Industry
China Association of Coal Industry
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

ˇ­plus numerous Provincial and Municipal agencies.