Chinese Mayor Delegation Visited Bombardier
The innovation capacity is one of the most important drives to the business success and regional economic sustainable development. The delegation consisted by 25 mayors from China visited Bombardier aerospace Toronto subsidiary on Sept. 5th, 2010. Bombardier is the largest transportation manufacturer and the third largest airplane manufacturer in the world. This facility was the only spot that president Hu, jintao had a site visit in this June during the G20 Summit.
The vice president of Bombardier Toronto presented to the delegation and introduced the history of bombardier as well we the contribution by innovation to the corporate success. The director of the workshops and the communication officers also accompany this visitation. Ms. Laurie Wu, the associate director of Sino-Canada Technology Exchange Centre highlighted that the programs at Bombardier such as assembly line upgrading, the workplace health and safety, corporate innovation, employee engagement, the scorecard performance measurement system, corporate communication and the leadership program represent the highest standard and level worldwide.
Chinese mayors showed great interests to the corporate innovation culture at Bombardier and were proud of the cooperation between Liaoning and Bombardier.

-- Sept. 5th, 2010

Learn Canadian Experiences in the Emergency Preparedness
-- Nov. 2009
  Sino-Canada Technology Exchange Centre coordinated a visitation program for an agricultural machinery delegation to New Holland in the October of 2009. The officers in charge of the international business development as well as the other agri-machinery experts from New Holland made a presentation to the delegation on the development and application of large and no-till and minimum till agricultural machinery. Chinese delegation introduced the Chinese experiences in developing smaller agricultural machineries and the government policies. They also discuss the opportunities for the future cooperation.
-- Oct. 2009